Mental Health Billing Tools

Utilize these mental health billing tools to chose the most accurate Diagnosis Code or CPT Code, download cheat sheet resources.

Get quick links to checklists and scripts to verify eligibility and benefits, start a new practice, or begin credentialing.

Reimbursement Rate Negotiation Tool & Template [2023]

Screenshot 2021-12-16 131433

This tool enables you to create a customized template to send to insurance companies to request an increase in your reimbursement rates. You’ll need to enter your information below.  We’ll then email you a copy of your completed template. Our template is based on our rate negotiation template post here: Please note:  the template […]

Mental Health Reimbursement Rates by Insurance Company [2023]

insurance reimbursement rate comparison

Find out which mental health insurance companies pay you the most! Mental Health Reimbursement Ranges Average Payment Per Insurance Company Credentialing Recommendations for New Practices & Established Practices Highest Paying Insurance Companies for Mental Health Which Companies Are The Hardest to Bill Medicare Reimbursement Rates [Search by CPT Code] Tips on Avoiding Low Reimbursement Commercial […]

HIPAA Compliant Email


We recommend mental health providers utilize HushMail for the most secure HIPAA compliant email provider we know.    

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SOAP Notes PDF Template for Mental Health Providers

SOAP Notes Template PDF

Download our SOAP notes template PDF file right now. What are SOAP Notes? SOAP Notes are a way of recording medical or clinical information and notes through a common methodology of note-taking.  Mental health providers will find SOAP notes beneficial for creating treatment plan documentation in particular. SOAP notes can be used by many different providers […]

Mental Health CPT Code List

mental health cpt code list

Quickly review our mental health CPT code list to find the code you’re after and the 2020 Medicare reimbursement rate as well.   Or skip to our mental health CPT code list PDF download. Mental Health CPT Code List Download Mental Health CPT Code List (Complete) [PDF] Mental Health CPT Code (Cheat Sheet) [PDF] Definitive Guide […]

ICD-10 Mental Health Diagnosis Codes List

icd-10 mental health diagnosis codes list

Download our ICD-10 mental health diagnosis code list [PDF] [XLS], skip to Commonly Used Diagnosis Codes, Z-Codes for Mental Health Providers, or look up legacy ICD-9 mental health diagnosis codes. (Source) (Source) Top 10 Mental Health Diagnosis Codes Download this top 10 Mental Health Diagnosis Codes Cheat Sheet [PDF]. ICD-10 Z-Codes for Mental Health Providers […]

HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Video Therapy


Telehealth video therapy requires three things for HIPAA regulations to be upheld: Fully encrypted data transmission Peer-to-peer secure network connections No storage of video As always, you will need a Business Associates Agreement to be signed with your clients.  Normal phone calls that are not recorded are allowed for HIPAA compliant communication.   Likewise when a […]

Mental Health Provider Intake Form [PDF]


We wanted to share our “vanilla” mental health intake form PDF template with our community. If you find this page useful, consider sharing it as a resource with a colleague needing help starting their own private practice. If you are sick of dealing with insurance billing or have never considered a life without insurance billing, […]

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