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What are PIRP Notes?

PIRP Notes is a method of note taking using the acronym PIRP which stands for Problem, Intervention, Response, Plan.

PIRP Notes are a way of recording medical or clinical information and notes through a common methodology of note-taking.  Mental health providers will find PIRP notes beneficial for creating treatment plan documentation in particular.

PIRP notes are similar to SOAP notes but focus more on a client’s problem, potential solutions, response and assessment, and then a plan for forward progress against that problem.

Problems can vary widely, this is only a method for standardizing a way to capture a specific perspective of working with a client.

What does PIRP stand for?

PIRP notes templateProblem, Intervention, Response, Plan

PIRP Notes Template Outline:

Problem (P):

Definition: Identifies the specific issues or challenges focused on in the session.

Content: Presenting symptoms, problematic behaviors, distressing emotions, situational difficulties.

Purpose: Provides context for the interventions and a basis for measuring progress.

Examples: Acute problems like a recent traumatic event, or chronic issues like ongoing anxiety.

Intervention (I):

Definition: Similar to GIRP, it documents the therapeutic techniques and strategies used.

Content: Types of therapy applied, specific discussions, exercises, and assigned homework.

Purpose: To address the identified problems and facilitate the client’s progress.

Examples: Behavioral modification strategies, trauma-focused therapy, supportive counseling.

Response (R):

Definition: Details the client’s reaction to the interventions.

Content: Client’s immediate and longer-term responses, including behavioral and emotional changes.

Purpose: To evaluate the impact of the interventions on the client’s problems.

Examples: Changes in symptom severity, emotional breakthroughs, or challenges in implementing strategies.

Plan (P):

Definition: Outlines the next steps and future direction of therapy.

Content: Future therapy objectives, adjustments to the treatment approach, tasks for the client.

Purpose: To maintain momentum and focus in therapy, adapting as needed based on the client’s response.

Examples: Introducing new therapeutic techniques, planning for a follow-up on specific issues, giving homework to practice skills learned.

PIRP Notes Template PDF Download

PIRP Note Template PDF

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