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What are GIRP Notes?

GIRP Notes is a method of note taking using the acronym GIRP which stands for Goals, Intervention, Response, Plan.

GIRP Notes are a way of recording medical or clinical information and notes through a common methodology of note-taking.  Mental health providers will find GIRP notes beneficial for creating treatment plan documentation in particular.

GIRP notes are similar to SOAP notes but focus more on goal-oriented therapy where goals are set and progress is monitored against those goals (which can change).

What does GIRP stand for?

GIRP notes templateGoals, Intervention, Response, Plan

GIRP Notes Template Outline:

Goal (G)

Definition: This section outlines the specific therapeutic goals that are the focus of the session. These goals are usually established in collaboration with the client and are based on their treatment plan.

Content: It includes short-term goals for that particular session as well as long-term goals for the overall therapy process.

Purpose: The goal section sets the direction for the session and provides a clear framework for what the therapist and client are working towards.

Examples: Goals can range from managing symptoms (like reducing anxiety or improving mood) to behavioral objectives (like increasing social interactions or developing coping strategies).

Intervention (I)

Definition: Documents the specific therapeutic techniques and strategies used in the session.

Content: Types of therapy applied, discussions initiated, exercises conducted, and homework assigned.

Purpose: To detail the therapist’s approach in addressing the set goals.

Examples: Cognitive-behavioral therapy exercises, mindfulness practices, role-playing activities.

Response (R)

Definition: Captures the client’s reaction to the interventions.

Content: Immediate and subsequent responses to the therapy, changes in behavior or mood.

Purpose: To assess the effectiveness of the interventions and the client’s engagement.

Examples: Client expressing insights, reduced symptoms, or resistance to certain activities.

Plan (P)

Definition: Outlines the future course of action after the session.

Content: Next steps in therapy, future goals, adjustments to treatment, homework for the client.

Purpose: Ensures continuity and direction for upcoming therapy sessions.

Examples: Planning to explore a specific issue deeper, scheduling the next session, assigning reflective exercises.

GIRP Notes Template PDF Download

GIRP Note Template PDF

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