Understanding Mental Health Insurance: Part 5 – Co-Payments, Co-Insurance, and Deductibles

This guide hopes to exhaust your understanding of co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles for mental health insurance claims in as few of words as possible. Many of us may argue about the sexiness of understanding behavioral health copayment lingo, it does impact enormous amounts of people every day, both as patients and as providers.  This topic becomes […]

Understanding Mental Health Insurance: Part 2 – How to Read Mental Health EOBs (Explanation of Benefits)


This short video screencast will use real explanation of benefit documents to reveal how to read and understand mental health EOBs. You keep getting them in the mail and they might as well be written in hieroglyphics.  Mental health EOBs aren’t actually overly complex, they just require knowing how the math works out. Watch our […]

Understanding Mental Health Insurance: Part 1 – Understanding Policy Types

This guide will help mental health therapists and behavioral health practitioners understand the different types of benefits and coverage new patients have, if they will be paid, and what steps are required to ensure payment. The Confusing Mess of Insurance Policies HMO, PPO, EAP, EPO, In-network, Out-of-network, contracted and subcontracted insurance.. Mental health insurance policies […]

How to Get Contracted with Insurance Companies for Mental Health Providers

Insurance Credentialing for Mental Health Therapists The following guide explains how to apply to insurance panels as a mental health practitioner and how to get contracted with behavioral health insurance companies.  Please contact us about your results using this guide! Introduction With a larger supply of therapists today than ever before, learning how to get on mental […]