Paper claims vs Electronic Claims Filing for Mental Health Providers

When possible, use a free claims portal like PracticeMate and OfficeAlly to submit claims electronically.  You can have them also print and mail claims for you for a cost.   (We offer a paid service to do all of this for you without you having to think about it at all, by the way, and we don’t charge for printed claims.)

It’s important to use digital claims because it’s faster revenue turnaround for you and it’s more environmentally conscious for our planet and future generations.

Unfortunately, sometimes you will have to submit paper claims.  In this case, do not print and write down this information onto a CMS1500 form.  Rather use PracticeMate or OfficeAlly or TheraThink to handle the digital to printed part for you.

You want to keep all of your claims and patient information in one secure place.  Again, we offer this service in a super easy to use way, or you can learn how to use PracticeMate and OfficeAlly to submit claims yourself.

Cases Where You Print Claims

Super small insurance companies will often only accept paper claims.

And sometimes electronic claims are not matching information correctly and you need to print out “corrected” claims and mail them to a specific department of that insurance company.

Grab a CMS1500 Form

Head to our page to download a CMS1500 form for mental health providers.

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