Mental Health CPT Code Cheat Sheet [2022]

mental health cpt code cheat sheet

Download your free Mental Health CPT Code Cheat Sheet created by TheraThink, a mental health insurance billing service. CPT is an acronym for Current Procedural Terminology and a CPT code is a 5-digit number code signifying the types of services you’re providing as a health service provider.  Our behavioral health CPT code cheat sheet gives […]

How to Negotiate a Raise with Mental Health Insurance Panels

Getting a Raise This private practice business guide will teach mental health practioners how to negotiate a raise and increase their income with behavioral health insurance panels. If you are not on insurance panels, learn how to apply and get accepted here. Like with any job, employees who over-preform for their company deserve higher wages. […]

Mental Health Insurance Credentialing: Case Study

Watch the live video case-study below that shows you How to Find Mental Health Insurance Panels and apply for Cigna Behavioral Health (and other insurance panels too). You can also review our text-guide for How to Get Contracted with Insurance Companies for Mental Health Providers which will walk you through what behavioral health insurance panels want […]

How to Get Contracted with Insurance Companies for Mental Health Providers

Insurance Credentialing for Mental Health Therapists The following guide explains how to apply to insurance panels as a mental health practitioner and how to get contracted with behavioral health insurance companies.  Please contact us about your results using this guide! Introduction With a larger supply of therapists today than ever before, learning how to get on mental […]