5 Online Marketing Tips for Mental Health Therapists


The following guide will teach mental health private practice owners five online marketing tactics to improve the presence of your practice in online and in search engines. 10 Minutes to Read // 30 Minutes to Implement Online marketing doesn’t require a neckbeard and an addiction to Mountain Dew anymore.  Now and days, you can carve out […]

SEO For Mental Health Therapists: Part 2 – Optimize Your Website


This short guide will teach you the necessary steps to improve your mental health therapy website for Search Engine Optimization. We’re going to keep this article short and actionable by producing a simple checklist of content and pages you need to have on your website to naturally increase your exposure to people looking for your services.  By doing […]

Faster Mental Health Billing Video Guide

Watch our video guide teaching you how to bill for mental health faster. We’ll teach you how to prevent mental health claim denials, quickly backup everything, and skip insurance company phone lines. Please check out our video teaching you the most important of the most important things to do with you mental health billing to […]

Understanding Mental Health Insurance: Part 7 – The 5 Best Practices for Insurance Billing

In this guide by TheraThink, you’ll learn the five mental health insurance billing best practices that will help you prevent denials, stay organized, and maximize your reimbursements. Insurance billing is dreadful, let’s be honest.  With many colleagues dropping out of taking insurance from patients, and the reimbursement rates often saying static, there is growing pressure […]