Cigna Telehealth Billing for Therapy and Mental Health Services

Cigna telehealth billing for therapy is straight forward.  They do require attestation but otherwise it should be easy to code and bill telehealth mental health sessions with Cigna coverage.  Ensure you are attested before billing Cigna for telehealth therapy.

Cigna Telehealth Billing and Coding Guidelines

In 2017, Cigna launched behavioral telehealth sessions for all their members.  However, providers are required to attest that their designated specialty meets the requirements of Cigna.  This form can be completed here:

Once completed, telehealth will be added to your Cigna specialty.

NOTE:  As of March 2020, Cigna has waived their attestation requirements however we always recommend calling Cigna or any insurance company to complete an eligibility and benefits verification to ensure your telehealth claims will process through to completion.

HIPAA requirements apply to video telehealth sessions so please refer to our guide on HIPAA compliant video technology for telehealth to ensure you’re meeting the requirements.  Cigna recommends video services but allows telephonic sessions; however they may require review for medical necessity.

EAP sessions are allowed for telehealth services.


Cigna Telehealth Therapy Billing Instructions

Cigna Telehealth CPT Codes:   Please ensure the CPT code you use is the most accurate depiction of services rendered.

Cigna Telehealth Place of Service Code:  02

Cigna Telehealth CPT Code Modifier:  95

cigna telehealth billing for therapy