How to Use Google and TheraThink to Find Answers to Your Mental Health Billing Questions


A short and sweet article teaching you how to use Google.com to search for article content answering your mental health insurance billing questions. By using Google.com and your favorite web browser,  you’ll be able to quickly find out answers to common mental health billing questions.  We have written tons of posts, have hundreds of interviews, […]

How to Understand the Allowed Amount on Mental Health EOBs


This short article will explain what the allowed amount, or contracted rate, means on your mental health EOBs. Like every industry, the insurance claims industry has developed a fair number of new terms and its own jargon.  Allowed amount, contracted rate, disallowed amount, deductible, coinsurance, par and non participating providers, PPOs and HMOs and Open Access. […]

TheraThink Application Panel Walkthrough and Onboarding Tutorial (2017 Edition)

https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=1 = Welcome https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=39 = Dashboard https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=98 = Provider Profile https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=191 = Add a Client https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=393 = EAP, Authorizations, Recurring Appointments, Secondary Insurance https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=534 = Add An Appointment https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=595 = Account for Cash Collected from Patients https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=672 = Client Index, Appointments Index https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=765 = Bulk Add Appointments https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=831 = View Your Calendar https://youtu.be/2uRdq6mwrRg?t=877 = Extra […]