United Healthcare Telehealth Billing for Therapy and Mental Health

United Healthcare telehealth billing is simple.  Utilize our guide for UHC telehealth billing for therapy and mental health services in general to ensure your claims are coded as accurately as possible.

UHC Telehealth Billing for Therapy

United Healthcare which operates under the Optum brand umbrella (alongside of United Behavioral Health) has authorized an expansion of telehealth services as a result of the 2019 Covid-19 virus and subsequent infections.  As a result, mental health providers are allowed to render telehealth therapy services for clients in their homes.

This billing expansion has an end date of April 30, 2020 but may renew before that date.

All providers conducting telehealth sessions for Optum or UHC clients require completion of the virtual visits attestation form which can be completed here:  https://www.providerexpress.com/content/ope-provexpr/us/en/clinical-resources/vv-tmh.html

Optum Telehealth Psychotherapy Billing Guidelines

Telehealth CPT Codes:  utilize the most accurate CPT code for therapy and mental health services.  A list can be found here.

UHC Telehealth Place of Service Code:  02

UHC Telehealth CPT Code Modifier: 95

UPDATE:  As of March 16th, Optum is not requiring any use of the Telehealth Modifier.  You only need post the Place of Service code 02 for telehealth.  (Source: https://www.providerexpress.com/content/ope-provexpr/us/en/Important-upates.html?fbclid=IwAR0crpFWWjwh3rdBtgdftdGeM945j42PsaYB4jHp-HYehm-bBhqJf8c4A_4)


UHC telehealth billing for therapy