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We understand that not all billing teams are created equal. Perhaps you’re working with a local, small “mom and pop” biller.  He or she is a one-person operation, often overloaded with clients, lacking any system to handle your information and provide reports of their work regularly and transparency. Hearing back takes four days, not four hours.

We are talking about your income.

And we understand that delays cause stress, promptness is a virtue, and you always want to know what has been paid and get paid in a timely manner.

Sometimes your local biller is not enough.

Over half of our providers switch to us because they aren’t getting paid at all, have no idea what has been paid and what hasn’t, and are fed up feeling totally out of the loop with their income. They want a team of highly organized, savvy, technology-enabled billing experts with experience and lessons drawn from handling mental health insurance claims across all 50 states. They want immediate feedback, faster turn around times on their requests, and the ability to check on the payment status of every appointment in their calendar in an instant.

Do You Need More From Your Biller?

Maybe we can help. TheraThink is a team of three technology and billing experts based out of Seattle WA.  We’ve created an organization dedicated to helping you get the attention you and your billing income deserve every day of the week. Using a combination of our home-made, non-techy online billing portal made only for mental health therapists plus a team of billing experts, we help our clients speed up their revenue cycle and get paid every time. In fact, we only get paid if you get paid, putting us both on the same team, working for the same outcome.

So Reach Out Now!

Ask us questions (even if you’re not quite ready for the switch), we’re happy to help explain how we’re different and how we can help. Click Here to send us an email with your questions and concerns.  We’re happy to offer advice free of charge.

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Thanks and hope you’re not too stressed with billing! -Denny & The TheraThink Team (Here’s a Video Explaining How We Work!)

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