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Forget the Insurance Hassle, Get Paid in Full, and Focus on Therapy

**NOTE:  We are a team of three staffers manually handling your claims, calls, and accounting.  We use our HIPAA-compliant online portal to handle data exclusively.  We are not just a software solution.

Reduce Your Billing Headache

We handle your claims from start to finish, even if they are rejected or denied, until they are paid!

Our Customers Love:

We speed up your revenue cycle and account for every payment electronically.

Free Eligibility & Benefits Verification

We turn around your eligibility and benefits verification in under two business days because we know it's important.

Claims Filing & Handling to Payment

Intuitive App & Happy Staff

Speedy Follow Up Times

Our staff responds to requests within four business hours!  **NOTE:  We are a manual service, with real Americans making your calls.

Download your memory into our app and save time, energy, and frustration.

Built for Technophobes

So everything is obvious and intuitive.  If you can read, you can breeze through our online portal.

No Matter What Your Size

Automatically Import Previous Session Data In a Second!

We don't turn away part-time and new providers who are just getting started.  We'll grow together.

We automatically import previous session data so you can add your weekly appointments to your account in under 10 minutes.

Imagine going from 5 hours of work billing to 5 minutes. 

We help you do so by using our non-techy software we built in house.

REMINDER:  This is NOT a software-only service.  We are a team manually handling your information.  We simply use a very slick home-made online portal to handle data in a HIPAA compliant way.

Check on Claims Instantaneously

No more insurance calls!

Hire a Team

Reasons to Sign Up

Reduce Stress

Stay Organized

Ditch your mom and pop, slow-to-respond self-employed black-box and work with staff.

All your data backed up twice, in a TSL/SSL encrypted server.

Without having to wait a week to hear back!

Our providers love us!

Karen W.

"Thank you so much.  You make my work POSSIBLE!!"

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

What Are You Waiting For?  Another Insurance Call?

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We don't hard sell anyone, just explain what we do and how it can help.

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