Therapist Spotlight: Great Service & Regular Follow Up with Philip Fauerbach


Philip Fauerbach

We asked Philip how to grow your number of new clients.  Here’s what he said:

​When beginning my practice I followed two rules.

The first was to treat the client I was seeing as my most important client.

When I was with them I didn’t worry about how to get my next client, or market – it was and is giving the very best service to the person sitting in front of me.  That is resulted in the vast majority of my new clients are referrals from old ones.

The second rule was to give feedback to my professional referral sources, mostly physicians.

In the beginning I couldn’t imagine a doctor wanting my input and opinion.  But my experience was just the opposite.  I made telephone apts with psychiatrists, Primary Care Providers, and pediatricians and once a month or bi-monthly I would set an apt, fax over a list of clients to discuss and we collaborated on Dx and Treatment.

Now that relationships are built I call if I have a question or concern but much of my feedback has become faxing brief summaries.  The most biggest frustrations for referring providers to mental health providers is to get no information back. It makes the referral source feel they have dropped their patient into a black hole.

I now have a thriving practice and often have periods of not being able to accept new clients.

Take Aways

I love Philip’s advice:

1) perfect your service and

2) always follow up with marketing partners and provide real value there as well.

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