DAP Notes Template and How To [PDF]

In this short article you’ll get access to our free DAP notes template, learn what DAP Notes stand for, and best practices for taking DAP Notes.

What is a DAP Note?

Similar to a SOAP Note, a DAP Note is a method of recording data and notes using a common methodology. You will find using the DAP method of taking notes helpful to streamline your mental health notes. DAP notes help therapists to take sessions from intangible to concrete and suitable for insurance if audited.

DAP notes can be used for many health fields but this article will focus on DAP Notes for mental health.DAP Notes Client Summary Template

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DAP Notes Template Download

Download the PDF template:

DAP Notes PDF Template – Session Summary

DARP Notes Template – Client Summary PDF

What does DAP stand for?

Data, Assessment and Plan.

DAP Notes Template Outline


DAP Notes Session SummaryEverything you heard from the client or observed in the session. Data is mostly objectively self-reported from the client, but there may be some subjectivity from the clinician in the data section. Make sure to document interventions and safety plans in the data section.


Assessment includes what the clinician notes that the client is doing for treatment. This is where the clinician will note if the client is making progress, what they are doing to reach their goals, and if there is a particular diagnosis to be addressed. Make sure to add the client’s response to the clinician’s assessment to this section. Utilize peer reviewed research and theory based evidence in the assessment section.


Your plan will refer back to your original treatment plan, including and revisions or updates based on your session. You will discuss the goals, objectives, and interventions in this section as you move forward with your client.



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