Therapist Spotlight: Hustle with Daniel Lettenberger-Klein

39b1dacI emailed Daniel asking for his advice on how he ensures he has a steady flow of new clients for his private practice.  Here’s what he first said:

I get out and do dinner and lunches with other professionals.

Every bit of down time during the day is an opportunity for and email or phone call to a colleague to maintain or begin a professional relationship that can lead to a great referral network.

I also have gotten a ton of clients through having a psychology today profile.

Immediately I thought: hustle.

Daniel’s strategy is to simply work hard and spend the time to make sure opportunities are coming his way.  He schedules time to network and grab some food with other professionals.  In between sessions he reaches out to colleagues and nurtures his existing relationships.

He takes the time, energy, and effort that is required to build and maintain those relationships and that is what leads him to success.

I asked more questions about PsychologyToday and here’s what Daniel said:

I think great customer service is key and I did call back asap usually within the hour if not sooner. That comes with good time management.

As for the psych today profile, I screened other clinicians profiles and picked out what I felt I was attracted to and I built mine after all of those. I also made sure to utilize words that I know would be popular in current searches like trauma or marriage.

I tried to market to a population that would be seeking help and would appreciate the information. I never offered deals or money off I just wrote well thought out descriptions and missions.

Two key take aways:

1) You must follow up quickly with new patients, especially when they find you online (and have access to other profiles as well)

2) You don’t need to sacrifice your rates to connect with your potential patients online; simply model good therapist profiles and make sure to communicate how you can help them with their specific issues (trauma, marriage counseling).

Brilliant advice overall:

  1. Spend time on creating and maintaining professional relationships (and do it during “in-between” time).
  2. Be quickly available for new & old clients (and call them back).
  3. Model your online presence based on what you like already and make sure your profile speaks to your strengths and specific specializations.

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