How to Use Calendly to Schedule New Mental Health Clients on Your Website For Free is a website tool that enables you to create a publicly visible calendar to schedule incoming appointments.

We use it to schedule phone calls for mental health providers interested in our services.

As a mental health provider, you can use it to schedule new intake sessions, all via embedding something into your website (a link).

The above video is a great demonstration on how to get your account at Calendly setup with your Google Calendar automatically. It also helps you setup your appointments in your calendar.

You can setup hourly appointments that require 3 days advanced notice to book. When they sign up you can send them your intake paperwork via email as well.

Here’s a video on how you can also embed your Calendly appointment scheduling features directly into your website!

Here’s a screenshot of the page to click onto and then the menu’s to select for us!

Click “Add to Website” to integrate scheduling into your blog!

So, if you are interested in working with TheraThink to get your mental health billing sorted, you can check out our example of Calendly working below:

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