How to Bill 90 Minute Therapy Sessions

Have you wondered how to bill out therapy sessions that are over a typical 60 minute session? This short article will teach you how.

While it may seem like the obvious thing to do, adding more units to your billing is not how to bill extended sessions.

Rather what is required is an add-on code on a new line in box 24 of your CMS1500 form.

For a 90 minute individual session: bill 90837 with add-on code 99354 for an additional 30 to 74 minutes of therapy.

What about sessions longer than 2:15 hours?

Add an additional 30 minute add-on code (and continue doing so) until you’ve reached your desired time frame.

So if you perform 3 hours of therapy at once: bill 90837 (60 minute individual session) +99354 (30-74 minutes of additional therapy) + 99355 (30 additional minutes of therapy) + 99355 (30 additional minutes of therapy) .

Seem overly complicated? Inquire with us at TheraThink about how we can help handle all of these cases for you.

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