Therapist Spotlight: Networking & Obamacare Issues with Beverly Saller

This Therapist Spotlight is a part of our interview series with experienced Mental Health Practitioners, where therapists share their experiences in Private Practice Therapy.
What was one of the biggest problems you struggled with and ultimately solved in the beginning of your private practice? What solution did you find to your (perhaps persisting) problem?
The biggest problem was getting the community to know who I was. Consequently, I networked to 4 different places EVERY week for the first two years.
What advice would you give to a budding mental health practitioner just getting licensed?
Get trained in mobile modalities such as EMDR or NET.
What advice would you have given yourself early in your career?
Network, network, network!
Do you see any persisting or upcoming problems in the private practice industry. If so, how do you handle them?

I feel as though Obamacare is stifling private practice by limiting LPC’s and LMFT’s in not allowing them to panel on Medicare and Medicaid panels. I believe it is the goal to eventually send all peoples to agencies where therapists are worked into the ground for pennies on the dollar. I feel that is unethical. If people in the IT industry can be paid a 6 figure income, why can’t mental health professionals who help put soldiers, abused women and children, accident victims, etc., back on their feet to more productive lives, earn a 6 figure income?

Additionally, I believe the need for immediate diagnosis to be the only method that allows people to get insurance reimbursement is also unethical. Many people who need therapy should not have to fear a mental illness diagnosis that will remain in cyber space forever. And everyone knows cyber space is NOT SECURE! Many people only need short term therapy to help them get back on their feet and return to their lives and should not fear getting help or fear being stigmatized by a mental health diagnosis when their goal is mental WELLNESS!

Next, the Department of Regulatory Agencies should use re-training and morale, mental wellness BUILDING practices for all mental health professionals when grievances or complaints are filed against them. Monetary punitive measures and threats to livelihood by taking their license to practice is not a way to help build mental wellness and competence in mental health professionals! Stop threatening their way of living! Obviously… punish those who break the law!

Finally, LMFT’s have licenses that have reciprocity in all 50 states. The same should be allowed for LPC’s! When people have to transfer jobs or military stations, their license should cross state lines. People need to go to work to support their families, not spend another 250 hours or more, getting more training or hours signed off by yet another supervisor to get another license in the new state! Geesh! Give me a break!

Please let us know about you: where are you located, any specialties, credentials, and educational background. How should someone get in touch with you?
I am in Colorado Springs. I am a brief, solution focused somatic psychology therapist and neurofeedback clinician with a Master of Arts degree in counseling. I am trained in Neuro Emotive Technique and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, both scientifically validated protocols that are powerful change agents. I serve people from 1-99. My contact information can be found at .
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