How to Back Bill Mental Health Insurance Claims

This short article will teach you how to back bill mental health insurance claims.  If your claims are old but you still want to see if they will pay out, this guide is for you.

Many providers come to us asking how to back bill mental health insurance claims and unfortunately, this is a tough and often disappointing situation.

While we can all try our hardest, some companies won’t listen to our appeals and do deny claims.  But if you’re going to try anything, use this simple formula to get started.

Begin Your Appeal Before Filing

Call the respective insurance company and ask them specifically what to do.  Refer to the client’s demographic and insurance information and your tax ID and NPI during your call.

They will often give you clear instructions to back bill mental health insurance.   You may need to submit with an authorization number, an additional modifier, or to a different department.

They may ask you to fax in forms, send claims to get denied first and then appealed, or to send in corrected claims the first time.

You may simply have to accept that this case is bust and you are going to lose this revenue.  (We suggest having a billing service to prevent these problems from happening at all).

Each insurance company has their own process and their own timely filing window.  They have their own appeal paperwork and re-submission requirements.

So while we do wish we could provide you a perfect, one size fits all answer, it does just depend each company, each client, and each case.

Don’t Want to Deal with Back Billing?

We do offer this for free within our mental health billing service.  Happy to help you handle your old claims, and if they don’t get paid, we don’t charge you for our work.  Learn more here.

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