Aetna Telehealth Billing for Therapy and Mental Health Providers

Billing Aetna for telehealth therapy services and general telemedicine for mental health is straightforward, fortunately.  Review our short guide to understand how to code Aetna telehealth billing in general and psychotherapy in particular.

How To Bill Aetna for Telehealth Services

NOTE:  Due to Covid-19, Aetna has dramatically changed their telehealth requirements.  You can review their approve CPT codes here: Aetna Telehealth CPT Codes for Behavioral Health Treatment 2020

Like with all major insurance companies, Aetna requires mental health providers to utilize their normal range of CPT codes.  Common CPT codes for Telehealth can be found at our telehealth billing guide.

Aetna Telehealth Billing & Coding Guidelines

CPT Code:  Utilize the most accurate CPT code possible.

Place of Service Code:  02

Aetna Telehealth Modifier:  95

aetna telehealth billing for therapy