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psychological testing reimbursement rates

Psychological Testing Reimbursement Rates in 2022

Whether you’re a physician, psychologist, or technician, you need to understand the reimbursement rates for psychological or neuropsych testing in 2022. Our guide to psych testing reimbursement rates in 2022 will teach you what Medicare pays qualified therapists, psychiatrists, and health care professionals for these CPT codes. Psych Testing Reimbursement Rates 2022 Please see our […]

medicare-approved telehealth cpt codes

Medicare-Approved CPT Codes for Telehealth Services [2021]

Quickly learn which Medicare-approved CPT codes for telehealth services can be billed for mental health providers. Medicare-Approved Codes 2021 As of December 27, 2020, Medicare has updated their 2021 Physician Fee Schedule. In short, this means that Medicare has updated their reimbursements for Telehealth through 2021. In this article, you will find information on the […]

insurance reimbursement rate comparison

Mental Health Reimbursement Rates by Insurance Company [2022]

Find out which mental health insurance companies pay you the most! Mental Health Reimbursement Ranges Average Payment Per Insurance Company Credentialing Recommendations for New Practices & Established Practices Highest Paying Insurance Companies for Mental Health Which Companies Are The Hardest to Bill Medicare Reimbursement Rates [Search by CPT Code] Tips on Avoiding Low Reimbursement Commercial […]

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Telehealth Medicare Billing for Therapy and Mental Health Providers

Telehealth medicare billing for therapy isn’t too complex, fortunately for mental health providers.  Our guide to Medicare insurance billing for telehealth will help you learn the CPT codes, modifiers, and license you need to bill Medicare for telehealth psychotherapy. Medicare Telehealth Billing Guidelines The following are guidelines created by the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) […]

commercial insurance reimbursement rate for psychiatry

Insurance Reimbursement Rates for Psychiatrists [2022]

Our guide on insurance reimbursement rates for psychiatrists will teach you what are the most common psychiatry CPT codes, what are the medicare reimbursement rates for psychiatrists, as well as medicaid reimbursement rates for psychiatric services. If you’re in private practice and hate all of this, reach out about our mental health insurance billing service. […]