2017 Mental Health Billing Checklist (8 To Do For The New Year!)

Let’s dive into it!

  1. Call insurance companies and verify eligibility and benefits, asking about the patients deductible!  Make sure they have the same coverage and that you understand what their patient responsibility will be.
  2. Use Square.com to collect copays, coinsurnace and deductible payments.  Automate this part of your practice so you’re always paid by your patients.
  3. Use PsychologyToday.com to generate new patients, even if you’re receiving referrals from insurance companies.  If you’re booked up, save their information in..
  4. Sign up for MailChimp.com and create an email list for potential patients.  You can share your resources, let people know when you have availability, and stay connected to folks looking for help.  It’s a one to one email so no other email addresses are shared across recipients.
  5. Make sure you have a Business Line!  Create a free business phone number that forwards to your cell via Google Voice.  Video guide I created here.
  6. Offload some of your billing if you’re not getting paid!  Depending on the volume or your caseload, even 1 claim being paid when it would’ve been rejected will be worth the cost of a billing service.  Look into it!
  7. Keep learning!  Make sure you’re continuing your education.  Get signed up for classes while they have New Years deals.
  8. Negotiate a raise with insurance companies.  Keep raising your rates!  You deserve it.

To 2017!!

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