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Psychological Testing Reimbursement Rates in 2024

psychological testing reimbursement rates

Whether you’re a physician, psychologist, or technician, you need to understand the reimbursement rates for psychological or neuropsych testing in 2024. Our guide to psych testing reimbursement rates in 2022 will teach you what Medicare pays qualified therapists, psychiatrists, and health care professionals for these CPT codes. Psych Testing Reimbursement Rates 2022 Please see our […]

Mental Health Reimbursement Rates by Insurance Company [2024]

insurance reimbursement rate comparison

Find out which mental health insurance companies pay you the most! Mental Health Reimbursement Ranges Average Payment Per Insurance Company Credentialing Recommendations for New Practices & Established Practices Highest Paying Insurance Companies for Mental Health Which Companies Are The Hardest to Bill Medicare Reimbursement Rates [Search by CPT Code] Tips on Avoiding Low Reimbursement Commercial […]

CPT Code 90834: Complete Guide with Reimbursement Rates [2024]

cpt code 90837 description

CPT Code 90834 is the most common procedure code used in mental health and behavioral health billing. Learn how to bill Cpt Code 90834 accurately every time with our insurance billing guide. You’ll discover the differences between procedure codes 90834 and 90837, the reimbursement rate for 90834, which add-on codes to use, and how to […]

Mental Health Modifiers: The Definitive Guide [2024]

license level modifiers for mental health

Mental Health Modifiers are two digit alphanumerical codes used on CMS1500 insurance claims to signify identifying information about the provider rendering services. Mental health CPT code modifiers can describe the way services are rendered as well, telehealth modifiers as an example. In this guide, you’ll learn about the behavioral health modifiers you need to use […]

CPT Code 99213: The Definitive Guide [+2024 Reimbursement Rates]

99212 Medicare Rates

It’s time to learn about CPT Code 99213 for Evaluation and Management services of an established patient in your private practice! This guide will teach you what defines procedure code 99213, what distinguishes it from other evaluation and management codes (99213 vs 99212), and will also give you information about cpt code 99213 reimbursement rates […]