5 Online Marketing Tips for Mental Health Therapists

The following guide will teach mental health private practice owners five online marketing tactics to improve the presence of your practice in online and in search engines.
10 Minutes to Read // 30 Minutes to Implement

Online marketing doesn’t require a neckbeard and an addiction to Mountain Dew anymore.  Now and days, you can carve out your own presence online with simple, often free tools.

web-online-marketingEach of the following 5 tips for marketing your mental health practice online should be used in conjunction with one another.  Make sure to mention, reference, link, and talk about your website and where people can find you online (only helping your total online presence).

You’ll learn how to use PsychologyToday, GoodTherapy, Your Website & SEO, Google Business & Bing Places, and Guest Blog Posts to make sure your private practice is easy to find online.

Let’s begin!

Create a PsychologyToday Profile

Simply head over to the psychologytoday signup page and get started!


Register for GoodTherapy

Again, simply head over to the GoodTheray signup page and get started!  It’s really as simple as filling out their forms!


Update Your Website & Improve Your SEO

Learn the basics of “SEO Marketing for Mental Health Therapists“.

Then work on your therapy website to optimize for search engines.

Finally build in-bound links to your therapy profile through a bunch of easy and fruitful methods!


Register for Google Business & Bing Places

Sign up for Google Business and make sure you show up for all searches relevant to you that are located close by (e.g. people searching on their phones for therapy in Google and Bing!!)

Google Business Sign Up Link


Bing Places Sign Up Link

Reach Out To and Write for Other Relevant Blogs

Spend time networking with other websites and blogs by writing unique, valuable content for their audience.  Specialize your efforts for publishing towards different groups you’re associated with, along with geographical regions.

Do research online to find other therapists performing well on search results you’d like to perform better on and ask to collaborate, link, and work together.

This will show Google and Bing that both your websites are relevant and authoritative.  More information on this link building tactic for therapists here.

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  1. Ivy Baker November 20, 2017 at 9:26 pm #

    I wouldn’t have thought about going onto a site like GoodTherapy. It does seem like that would help you get a better idea if a mental health therapist is good. I would want to know that before I started seeing someone.


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