CPT Code 90845: Billing for Psychoanalysis [+2024 Reimbursement Rates]

Learn tips and tricks for billing for CPT Code 90845 for psychoanalysis. Looking for more specific help? Consider hiring a team of mental health billing experts.

CPT Code 90845 for Psychoanalysis Description

Procedure code 90845 includes psychoanalytic services and do not have a time limit. 90845 can be widely used for psychoanalytic services.

Who can bill for Code 90845 for Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis can be billed for by therapists who are trained and credentialed to perform it.

Questions about if you are eligible to bill for 90845? Reach out to us with billing questions.


CPT Code 90845 Billing Guidelines

Make sure to double check with your client’s insurance companies when billing for code 90845. Some restrictions may apply when using this code for specific private insurances. Code 90845 Reimbursement

Wondering how you might find out if 90845 is restricted by insurance? Check out our guide to insurance verification.


90845 for Psychoanalysis Billing Tip!

Don’t worry about time length, just remember that 90845 is billed per session for psychoanalytic services.


CPT Code 90845 Reimbursement Rate [2024]
90845 Medicare Reimbursement

Medicare Reimbursement Rate CPT Code 90845:  $96.27

(Source) (Source)

Do you have questions about reimbursement for psychotherapy? Check out our comprehensive guide to Insurance Reimbursement for Psychotherapy.

Billable Types of Psychoanalysis

  • Freudian Psychoanalysis
  • Jungian Analysis
  • Object Relations Theory
  • Self Psychology
  • Lacanian Psychoanalysis
  • Ego Psychology
  • Relational Psychoanalysis
  • Interpersonal Psychoanalysis
  • Gestalt Therapy
  • Existential Psychoanalysis

CPT Code 90845 License Level Requirements

  • PhD
  • PsyD
  • MD
  • Some LCSWs



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