How to Use Calendly to Schedule New Mental Health Clients on Your Website For Free


Calendly.com is a website tool that enables you to create a publicly visible calendar to schedule incoming appointments. We use it to schedule phone calls for mental health providers interested in our services. As a mental health provider, you can use it to schedule new intake sessions, all via embedding something into your website (a […]

TheraThink Application Panel Walkthrough and Onboarding Tutorial (2019 Edition)


Login to TheraThink – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I Provider Profile – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I?t=66 Automated Client Onboarding Link – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I?t=104 Add Clients – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I?t=126 Client Profiles – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I?t=204 Appointments Index – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I?t=327 Add Appointments – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I?t=373 Appointment Calendar – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I?t=560 Add Appointments in Bulk – https://youtu.be/LXW7zGCRz8I?t=577 Interested in Signing Up?  Contact us today!